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Early Childhood Australia (ECA) Media Releases

Early Childhood Australia (ECA) is the largest and most authoritative peak body in the early childhood sector. They are passionate about the wellbeing of all Australian children.  See more...

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Early Childhood Resource Hub
A new resource from Education Services Australia

Spring into TEAMP

Spring itno TEAMP Day

A full day of professional learning to showcase the interconnection between literacy and numeracy.
Mon Oct 10, 2016,
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Community Connections

Community Connections is the new Connect with Maths newsletter full with community discussion, events and resources for all five Connect with Maths communities.



Early Years Learning in Mathematics is a free community website for educators who teach mathematics to children from birth to 8 years old.

This site is a place for educators to seek support and to share experiences. What are the best ways to prepare children on the path to life success through mathematics?


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If you have any problems with registering or logging in, please contact connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au or the AAMT office.


Mr Chicken Goes to Paris

Exploring Big Numbers

Young children are fascinated by big numbers, often asking, ‘What is the biggest number there is?’ or using words like hundreds or millions to describe quantities of things. Providing children with engaging contexts, such as those found in picture books, can promote lively discussions and lead to the development of number sense and estimation skills...More

  • What is the biggest number there is?
  • Hundreds?
  • Millions?
  • Describe quantities of things

[contributed by Dr Tracey Muir]

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