> Early Mathematical Thinking

Early Mathematical Thinking

In this presentation early mathematical thinking covers four areas:

  • Sources and observations for mathematical learning in the early years
  • Early mathematical ideas and processes
  • The role of the early childhood educator
  • Learning opportunities for numeracy - play spaces


Louise Hodgson will be conducting online professional learning on this topic through webinars as part of the Mathematical Thinking in Early Years Webinar Series (Dec 2013 to June 2014).


To book into one or more of these community events please contact connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au
DEC 10 Debunking misconceptions about mathematics in the Early Years ( Part 1)
Presenter: Louise Hodgson
FEB 18 Mathematical thinking for the Early years (Part 2)
Presenter: Louise Hodgson
MAR 18 Principles of Counting (Part 3)
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MAY 6 Mathematical Thinking in Play (Part 4)
Presenter: Louise Hodgson

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