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Community Leaders

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Essentials of an effective online community

This community comprises of members who wish to advance the teaching of mathematics providing quality contributions in the form of professional conversations and resources helpful in building the knowledge, understanding and practice of the teaching mathematics in the Early Years.

Community Leaders are one in the fold of the community who contribute by leading activities in the community program. The Early Years community hub is the Forum. Community Leaders can initiate a topic for discussion, provide a resource for review or illustrate examples of best practice. The community members will respond and determine the nature of the activity that is relevant and valuable to them. An effective online community has a diversity of member expertise, experience and perspectives.

So a Community Leader can be one of you...anyone who wishes to initiate, support or celebrate achievements or pathways to advance the teaching of mathematics.

Interested in being a Community Leader but would like further information about what you can offer? Contact the team at Connect with Maths Your community needs you :-)

Community Leaders

The founding members and Community Leaders are mathematics specialists of the early childhood learning who come from all sectors. The range includes: Early Childhood centres, kindergartens, schools, universities, Departments of Education,  not-for–profit organisations and research organisations. Consider joining the team.

Corrie Baxter, Yiyili Aboriginal College, WA
Jennifer Bowden, Mathematical Association of Victoria
Jan Brooks, Department of Education and Childhood Development, SA
Margrita Cutrupi, Sydney Catholic Education Office, NSW
Jessica Dubois, Mimili Anangu School, SA
Megan Gibbs, Kindergarten, Vic
Louise Hodgson, Catholic Education Office, TAS
Michelle Huggan, Stevensville Primary School, Vic
Denise Jacobsson, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Vic
Jenny Jay, Curtin University, WA
Richard Korbosky, Mathematical Association of Western Australia
Dr Sharyn Livy, Monash University, VIC
Pam Lutze, Department of Education and Childhood Development, SA
Christine Mae, Sydney Catholic Education Office, NSW
Marianne Knaus, Edith Cowan University, WA
Lynda Matthews, Department of Education and Childhood Development, SA
Tracey Muir, University of Tasmania and Mathematics Education Research Group Australia, Tas
Denise Neal, Department of Education, Tas
Catherine Pearn, Australian Council for Educational Research
Anne Rogan, Education Services Australia
Bec Runnalls, Murputja Anangu School, SA
Lesley Stoffels, Mathematical Association of Western Australia
Sandy Treloar, Education consultant, Vic
Rebecca Trimble-Roles, Early Childhood Teachers Association, QLD
Nicola Yelland, Victoria University, Vic


Send us an email with your thoughts at connectwithmaths@aamt.edu.au

Go to the Forum to raise any topics about leadership in Early Years Mathematics for prior to school and in school learning settings.

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